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To install Jupyter Notebook in various virtual environments and how to deal with the pywin32 error that may encounter in Windows 10.

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A virtual environment is an isolated region where a particular version of Python and its packages are installed enabling the installation of different versions of Python. Each environment has its own files, directories, and paths. Thus a single system can cater to different projects that demand different Python versions.

Assuming that Python is already installed in your system(using Anaconda Individual Edition), open the Anaconda prompt and type…


To get the next element while iterating through an iterator.


Though it might sound too easy, in reality, there are some complications while accessing the next element when iterating through an iterator in Python. It is often said that some of the simplest things in life are the hardest ones to achieve. Errors galore as you show complacency. Let’s analyze to understand better.


To find the maximum number of consecutive 1’s in the binary number(base-2 representation) of a decimal number(base-10 representation).

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HackerRank is a technology hiring platform that assesses the developers of skills in various programming languages and multiple computer science domains. It also provides a lot of content to enhance one’s skills in programming. The binary numbers problem belongs to HackerRank’s 30 days of code challenge.

Data Science / Python Programming Language

Getting up close and personal with Python

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Data Science

Data Science is one of the most searched terms on Google today. Google Trends suggests that the interest in the term ‘data science’ is on an upward swing since September 2013. The emergence of Data Science programs at all major universities stands testimony to the newfound popularity of the discipline. For the uninitiated, it is imperative to get acquainted with the terms like Data Science and Data Scientists. “Data Science” means the scientific study of the creation, validation, and transformation of data to create meaning (definition given by Data Science Association -a non-profit professional association of data scientists). …


Interesting insights into Indian Premier League matches (2008–2019)

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The dataset consist of data about IPL matches played from the year 2008 to 2019. IPL is a professional Twenty20 cricket league founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2008. The league has 8 teams representing 8 different Indian cities or states. It enjoys tremendous popularity and the brand value of the IPL in 2019 was estimated to be ₹475 billion (US$6.7 billion). So let’s analyze IPL through stats.


  • To find the team that won the most number of matches in a season.
  • To find the team that lost the most number of matches in…


The simple way to run Jupyter Notebook from the location of your choice


Jupyter notebooks have become the preferred workspace for the majority of Python data scientists. Jupyter is an open-source project that supports interactive data science and scientific computing across programming languages. The very name Jupyter derived from the three core programming languages it supports viz. Julia, Python, and R. The name is also a homage to Galileo’s notebooks that records the discovery of the moons of Jupiter.

The very name Jupyter derived from the three core programming languages it supports viz. Julia, Python, and R.

Jupyter Notebook can be installed using either pip(Python Package Installer) or Anaconda Individual Edition. Once installed…


The simplest way to install Tensorflow GPU on Windows 10.

Installing Tensorflow for GPU is an immensely complicated task that will drive you crazy. There are n-number of tutorials online that claims their way of doing things is the most efficient one. Despite their presence, I had a hard time getting stuff done as installing Tensorflow 2.1.0 is a bit different than its predecessor(Tensorflow 1). A minor difference in code will trigger AttributeError. So once I have succeeded, the very thought was to share my experience as a blog elaborating on the process.

The Easy Ways of Installation

The below-mentioned steps will definitely make your life easy:

  • To start with, it is advisable to verify…

Data Science / Python Programming Language

Let’s see how to allocate data types and variables dynamically in Python while iterating through a loop.

Suppose you are given a list (list_main) with 10 elements. You have to divide it into 3 parts. The first part is allocated to list1, the second part to list2, and the third part to list3. This division or partition of the list is analogous to K-fold Cross-Validation. For the uninitiated, cross-validation is a resampling procedure to access the accuracy of a predictive model in practice. In K-fold cross-validation, the dataset is divided into training data (usually 80%) and test data (usually 20% and will remain unseen data). The training data is again divided into k-folds or partitions that inturn…

Probability and Statistics / Pareto Distribution

Let’s understand Pareto distribution better

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1. Pareto Distribution

Pareto distribution is a power-law probability distribution named after Italian civil engineer, economist, and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto, that is used to describe social, scientific, geophysical, actuarial and various other types of observable phenomenon. Pareto distribution is sometimes known as the Pareto Principle or ‘80–20’ rule, as the rule states that 80% of society’s wealth is held by 20% of its population. Pareto distribution is not a law of nature, but an observation. It is useful in many real-world problems. It is a skewed heavily tailed distribution.

VS Code / GitHub

A step-by-step installation guide to integrating GitHub with VS Code.

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Visual Studio Code has become the preferred code editor for most developers around the globe. Its popularity is surging every passing minute. Thanks to its attractive array of features like Intellisense that have made it indispensable for developers.

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